16 February, 2019 | Category : NEWS

Developments on 3rd Pay Revision

Developments on 3rd Pay Revision The CMD BSNL and Director (HR) were holding discussions with the AUAB for the past two days. They were conveying the proposal given by the DoT with regards to 3rd Pay Revision. Accordingly, Pay Revision will be done immediately with 0% fitment. Thereafter, the Hon’ble Minister will take up with the Cabinet for granting 5% fitment. The AUAB had discussion among the General Secretaries and has unanimously decided that 10% fitment should be our minimum demand. This has been communicated to the DoT through the CMD BSNL. As regards the offer of DoT, BSNLEU’s understanding is that, pay revision will be done only with 0% fitment. We cannot trust the assurance of the Minister that 5% fitment will be taken for the approval of the Cabinet. It is our past experience that the DoT and the Hon’ble Minister have continuously violate whatever assurance they had given. Hence, BSNLEU requests our circle and district unions to do the necessary gearing up to make the strike successful. Any further development will be updated immediately.   -P.Abhimanyu,GS.